4 Commercial Refrigeration Systems That Only Benefit from Expert Maintenance

Commercial refrigeration systems have more complex needs than just cleaning. That’s why, depending on the type of fridge you have, it’s wiser to hire their designated refrigeration specialist.

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Commercial Refrigeration System Types

There are different types of refrigeration systems with industrial and commercial uses. Each of them needs maintenance by their designated experts. DIY maintenance rarely works on them – and is not really advised by experts or experienced plant owners.

When these refrigeration experts get their hands on these refrigeration systems, they do more than cleaning.

Here are some commercial fridges that will really benefit from a service done by an expert:

1 – Ammonia Refrigeration System

In sectors and businesses that produce or deliver dairy, Ammonia is the commonly used refrigerant. Ammonia leakage isn’t rare, but you can prevent it through:

  • Proper maintenance checks
  • Correct installation
  • Training employees and drivers

In particular, if you own ammonia refrigeration systems in your plant, you can hire a refrigeration expert to do the following maintenance services:

  • Installation of safety valves
  • Replacing badly corroded piping
  • Checking Ammonia leakage risks
  • The safety basics in case of Ammonia leakage
  • Unusual system noises and pipe movements
  • A proper amount of oil adding

Top tip: Document all the services done after maintenance is completed, especially the amount of oil added to the compressor in any system.

2 – Glycol Chiller

You can save more if you keep maintaining your Glycol chiller. Even better, you’ll prolong its life.

When hiring an expert to do maintenance, make sure they’ll check the following:

  • Manufacturer instructions for the correct bath temperature
  • Overheating signs
  • Smooth-sounding operation of motors
  • Insulation damage and ice build-up in the trunk lines
  • Glycol viscosity
  • Pumps
  • Insulation leaks
  • Glycol leakage
  • Dirt build-up and proper air-flow in the condenser

3 – Wine Cellar Refrigeration Systems

If you have a small wine cellar, you can spend a day cleaning the cooling system. But if you have a large wine cellar refrigeration system, you should definitely hire an expert.

The task of getting out the wine bottles and storing them in a safer space can already be a task. So, it’s wise to hire an expert to troubleshoot any minor or major concerns.

An expert in wineries or wine cooling systems will help you tackle any:

  • Frost build-up
  • Constant temperature fluctuations
  • Water leakage
  • Unusual noises
  • Malfunctioning Compressor
  • Incorrect wirings

4 – Cold Room Refrigeration Systems

These systems are high-maintenance, as they need daily, monthly, quarterly, and yearly maintenance.

Ensure that the experts inspect the following:

Everyday maintenance

  • Compressors
  • Oil leakage
  • PLC switchboard
  • Secondary system’s head pressure
  • Freon levels
  • Ice build-up on evaporators
  • Correct cold room temperature


  • Day-to-day inspection rounds
  • System efficiency
  • Evaporator casing and blower fans


  • Monthly maintenance checks
  • Overall functionality


  • Chemical washing on the heat exchanger
  • All of the abovementioned checks

Final notes

Even home fridges benefit more from maintenance done by experts. So, you shouldn’t hesitate to hire an expert for a commercial refrigeration maintenance.

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