9 Important Questions to Ask Potential Castlemaine Solicitors

There are many situations where you will most need the professional help of a lawyer. Filing for a divorce, buying a parcel of land, making a complaint against another person – these are just some of the circumstances wherein the expertise of Castlemaine solicitors is highly valued.

Now, the best solicitors Castlemaine has will usually give potential clients a chance to ask basic questions for free or at a very minimal cost. This will help you assess whether the lawyers you are talking to are the best people to represent you in court.

Below are some of the most important questions to ask your potential solicitors in Castlemaine.

  1. How long have you been in practice?

Although being a new lawyer doesn’t equate to incompetence, having more experience gives you a guarantee that the legal practitioner has enough knowledge.

  1. What kind of cases do you generally handle?

All solicitors in Castlemaine and other parts of the world can handle any type of lawsuit. But it’s a plus if the lawyer you are eyeing on is an expert in the practice area in question. For example, it’s best to work with a family lawyer who has worked on adoption cases rather than someone who has more experience with corporate cases.

  1. How many cases similar to mine have you won?

It’s important to ask about your solicitor’s track record. That way you’ll know just how good the lawyer is. So feel free to ask when you meet him.

  1. Do you or have you ever practised in the courthouse where my case is?

You have to hire solicitors Castlemaine has who have previous experience with the judge who will be handling your case. This increases the chances of your lawyer being able to represent you well since he/she knows the prosecutors. They will also be able to determine the result of the case.

  1. Will I be interacting directly with you or a secretary?

Some questions or concerns are better off tackled personally. It’s important that your Castlemaine solicitors are able to meet with you from time to time to ensure that all concerns are dealt with promptly.

So if your first meeting is scheduled with a paralegal or clerk, you should turn around and go to the opposite direction. Chances are, your case won’t be given the attention it deserves, especially when it’s not a major lawsuit.

  1. Are you an active member of any local or national lawyer organization?

The benefit that attorneys get from being associated with certain organisations can cascade to their clients. The tips, tools, and information that more seasoned lawyers can share with other members can also be used to help clients get a better chance at winning the case.

  1. Do you have any conflicts of interest?

It would be a bad thing if the lawyer you are looking to hire has conflicts of interest. For example, if potential Castlemaine solicitors are connected with the company you are filing a case against, then there would be a conflict.

  1. What is the likely outcome of my case?

Don’t believe Castlemaine solicitors that guarantee a specific result. They are not fortune tellers, so it would be impossible for them to tell the outcome. However, experienced lawyers can you an initial assessment based on all the information you provide them with.

  1. What are the fees involved?

You need to know exactly how potential Castlemaine solicitors will charge you. Some law firms will charge you with a fixed amount based on the type of case. Others will have an hourly rate.

These questions should be asked upfront to know whether the law firm you are considering will be the best candidate to represent you in court. See more at https://www.jslaw.com.au/solicitors-gisborne-ballarat-kyneton-castlemaine-bendigo

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