Tips in Finding the Best Sex Crimes Attorney Houston Services

Being charged with grave crimes, especially when it involves sexual offenses, is certainly bad news. If you or someone you know is accused of sexual assault or other similar charges, you need to hire a reliable attorney. Make sure that you choose someone who can provide the best sex crimes attorney Houston services.

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Finding a reliable lawyer can be a difficult task. But, you have to do everything to make sure that you will hire someone who can successfully defend you in court. Here are some simple tips to help you find the right lawyer:

  1. Do some quick research — Search the internet for most recommended attorneys near you. Check out their websites or portfolio online. Read about reviews and contact the lawyer immediately. Keep in mind that you need to act fast. As soon as you got accused of a sex offense, you have to hire a Houston sex crimes attorney.
  2. Ask for referrals — If you have worked with a lawyer in the past, you can ask if he can refer someone to help your case. They might know someone from their network who specializes in sex crimes. Make sure that the referred attorney has an excellent success rate so you can rest assured that he can handle your case well.
  3. Contact them for an appointment — While you search the internet or ask for referrals for the best sex crimes attorney Houston services, make sure to get the lawyers’ contact details. Call them and schedule appointments. Meet up with them so you can personally assess the attitude and skills of the lawyer that you plan to hire. Don’t forget to ask about their fees so you can also check if you can afford their services.
  4. Ask the right questions — Aside from checking out how much they charge for their services, make sure to ask the lawyer the right questions. Inquire with the lawyers if they already handled cases similar to yours. Keep in mind that some of them might specialize being a Houston child sex crimes lawyer while others know how to handle a totally different case. Ask about the number of cases they handled and how many of those became successful. You can also check out if they have connections with local authorities and investigators. Their connections to authorities can help you have a better chance at success regarding your case.
  5. Compare the lawyers accordingly — After you interviewed three to five sex crimes attorneys in Houston, go over your notes about each of them. Check out which lawyer impressed you the most. Don’t forget to consider an attorney that you are comfortable to talk to. Remember, you have to be at ease around your attorney so you can express your thoughts well. Communication is very important between lawyer and client, so make sure that the one that you will be hiring is approachable and not as intimidating as other lawyers.

After deciding which one offers the best sex crimes attorney Houston services, you can now hire someone like the Law Office of Paul Schiffer. Schiffer is an experienced criminal defense attorney who can help you with sex-related criminal cases. Inquire about his services by sending him an email, or you can visit his website at to know more about his portfolio today.

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